TDF system

The LIKE two-shaft tire crusher is specially designed for old tires with low speed and high torque to minimize noise and power consumption. The blade of the tire shredder is made of high quality steel and subjected to Bodycote heat treatment to achieve the best crushing performance.

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TDS shreds have numerous uses from a fuel additive to civil engineering applications. Depending on the use, TDS shreds may be labeled differently. For example, shreds used for burning and energy production are typically called. “TDF” or “Tire Derived Fuel” due to their high BTU heating value.

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Rubber Crumb Production Plant

The rubber crumb plant is proven to convert whole scrap tires into high quality, uncontaminated crumb rubber. This plant is designed to process from 300kgs to 4 tons an hour in capacity and process 1-6mm crumb rubber.

Rubber Crumb Production Line

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Rubber Powder Production Plant

The rubber powder plant is designed to convert whole scrap tires into high quality, uncontaminated rubber powder. This plant can produce rubber powder from 500kgs to 5 tons an hour in capacity and the powder size can be as fine as 120mesh adjusted by centrifugal screen.

Rubber Powder Production Line

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Tire-derived fuel is made by reducing scrap tires into shreds, typically of 1-3 inches, to burn as a fuel source. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recognizes tire-derived fuel as a viable alternative to fossil fuels, producing the same amount of energy as oil and 25% more energy than coal. Tire- derived fuel produces less moisture, sulfur, nitrogen and ash residues, which results in lower carbon emissions for the environment.

LIKE Tire Recycling Line can produce enough tire-derived fuel to generate 100% of the electricity needed to power a city of 150,000 people.







Tire-derived aggregate is made by reducing scrap tires into shreds as a sustainable and cheaper alternative to conventional lightweight fill in civil engineering applications. Shreds three inches or smaller are used as drainage material, and shreds of six inches and more are used as permeable fill for infrastructure. Tire-derived aggregate has 1/3 the weight of soil, drains 10 times better than soil, insulates 8 times better than stone and costs less than sand and gravel.

LIKE Tire Recycling Line can produce superior tire-derived aggregate for civil engineering projects that call for high-performance variables.

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