The whole rubber milling line

LIKE Tire Recycling collection and processing facilities convert automobile, truck, off-road tires even OTR tires into innovative and useful products.

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LIKE Recycling is the leader in cost-effective turnkey tire recycling systems sole globally. LIKE Recycling systems deliiver optimum production performance and profitability at the industry's most affordable costs for TDS (tire derived shreds), wire free chips, rubber mulch, crumb rubber , and fine rubber powder, used in a varity of applicatons worldwide.


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Auto industry (tyre, vibration absorbing material, shock absorber)

Rubber products (safety cushion, road isolation barrier, rubber tube, rubber plate, rubber sole)

Athletic sports ground surface material (court, prefabricated rubber running track)

Road engineering and bituminous road surfacing (to be mixed with asphalt and be used for surfacing roads or sleeper of railway or underground railway)

Building materials (rubber tile rubber floor brick, water proof coil, vibration proof foundation applied in construction)

Agriculture use (pavement of stock farm, etc.)





We carry a complete line of replacement parts for all LK Tire Processing Equipment with shipping on standard parts within 24 hours.

Our dedicated Customer Service Team is available to take your part orders via e-mail, telephone or fax. We use various freight carriers to ensure you will receive your package on time and at the lowest cost.

We also provide Field Service Technicians support if your equipment needs maintenance or repairs. Depending on location, our technicians can generally be on your site within 24 hours.

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